Successfully Completed Searches

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Tax Credit/Affordable Housing
Executive Vice President  Senior VP Acquisitions  Senior VP Asset Management  VP Dispositions  Program Office Director  Real Estate Services Director  Director of Property Management and Facilities  Senior Portfolio Manager  Director of Portfolio Management  Portfolio Manager  Director of Technical Assistance and Training  Development Director  Investment Manager  General Counsel  Senior Council  Tax Manager  VP of Originations  Development Officer  Finance Manager  Maintenance Manager  Senior Program Director Technical Assistance and Training  Lending Program Officer  Risk Manager  Underwriter  Senior Project Manager  Director of Property Management  Regional Property Manager  Property Manager  Fund Manager  Senior Asset Manager  Asset Manager  Tax Accountant  Acquisitions Coordinator  Paralegal  Senior Financial Analyst  Financial Analyst  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Administrative Support.

Construction, Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental
Senior Estimator  Estimator  Structural Engineer  Senior Engineer  Engineer  General Superintendent  Senior Superintendent  Superintendent  Project Superintendent  Senior Project Manager  Project Manager  Senior Construction Manager  Construction Manager  Legal Counsel  Assistant Controller  Director of Marketing  Marketing Manager  Marketing Coordinator  Funds Control Manager  Controller  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Construction Cost Accountant  Accounting Manager  Accounts Receivable Associate.

Multifamily (Market Rate)
President  Executive VP Property Management  VP Human Resources  Accounts Payable Manager  Accounts Receivable Manager  Director of Property Management  Regional Property Manager  Property Manager  Senior Asset Manager  Asset Manager  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Payroll Manager  Payroll Accountant  Payroll Clerk  Job Costs Accountant  Senior Financial Analyst  Financial Analyst  Administrative Support.

Single Family Development
Director of Sales and Marketing  CFO  Land Manager  Finance Manager  Accounts Payable Manager  Senior Project Manager  Project Manager  Operations Manager  Coordinator of Operations  Cash Manager  Division Controller  Controller  Assistant Controller  Purchasing Agent  Contract Administrator  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Senior Financial Analyst  Financial Analyst  Job Cost Accountant  Accounts Payable Associate  Customer Service Coordinator. 

Commercial Development/Management
Director of Real Estate  Regional Property Manager  Property Manager  SEC Reporting Manager  Finance Manager  Senior Asset Manager  Asset Manager  IT Manager  Accounts Payable Manager  Divisional Controller  Controller  Assistant Controller  Accounting Manager  Cash Manager  Purchasing Manager  Payroll Manager  Payroll Accountant  Construction Cost Accountant  Senior Financial Analyst  Financial Analyst  Financial Reporting Manager  HR Manager  Director of Tenant Services  Recoveries Accountant  Corporate Accountant  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Data Processing Staff  Accounts Receivable Staff  Accounts Payable Staff. 

Retail Development/Management
Site Acquisition Manager  Director of Development  VP of IT  Manager of IT  Director of Marketing  Marketing Manager  General Manager  Operations Manager  Cash Manager  Controller  Assistant Controller  Accounting Manager  Accounts Receivable Manager  Accounts Payable Manager  Recoveries Accountant  Corporate Accountant  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Data Processing Staff  Accounts Receivable Staff  Accounts Payable Staff  Lease Revenue Accountant  Construction Accountant  Senior Financial Analyst  Financial Analyst  Tax Accountant  Contract Administrator  Lease Data Coordinator. 

(Pension Fund Advisory, CPA Firms, Financial Services, Third Party Property Management, Brokerage, Payroll Services)
Senior Asset Manager  Asset Manager  Controller  Assistant Controller  Auditor  Corporate Accountant  Senior Accountant  Project Accountant  Staff Accountant  Data Processing Staff  Accounts Receivable Staff  Accounts Payable Staff  Accounts Payable Manager  Payroll Manager  Senior Financial Analyst  Financial Analyst  Statistician  Tax Accountant  Sales and Administrative Support  Finance Manager  Accounts Receivable Manager  Accounts Payable Manager.

We have also conducted searches in the Healthcare, Entertainment, Manufacturing, and Geochemical industries, as well as Municipalities.